Get Ready for a Magical Medieval Gaming Experience on Sept. 1

Dave here!

I’m excited to showcase my new game, Crypto Court Poker, this week. It’s a combination between a casino table game (poker) and a deckbuilding CCG (collectible card game) made popular by games such as Legends of Runeterra, Magic The Gathering, and Hearthstone.

My aim is to bring video gaming onto the gaming floor and usher a new era of skill-based competition in Las Vegas, and elsewhere. You are among the first 20 people to get a chance to play, wager, and enjoy the game at our inaugural Crypto Court Invitational – The Tournament of Champions - this coming Thursday, September 1.

Please plan to arrive at 5:00 p.m. Mingle, enjoy complimentary sandwiches and drinks, and choose one of four different “Power Card” Decks - The King, The Queen, The Jack, or the Joker. You can take this quiz beforehand to find out which character best matches your favorite poker and/or video gaming play style:

The Quiz: Which Crypto Court Member are You?

Before Thursday, you may also want to visit our website to review how the game works and learn about deckbuilding strategies and tips:

The Rules:

Deckbuilding Strategies:


Simply put… expect a night of celebrating, conversation, and fast-paced poker action!

The cover fee of $25 includes complimentary beverages (beer and CANN drinks) and Cheeba Hut sandwiches, as well as a free Power Deck ($25 value) that you’ll use to play Crypto Court Poker. Additional Power Decks can be purchased at Ye Olde Card Shop at the party.

From 5:00 – 7:00 pm, we’ll host singles matches where you can get your feet wet playing Crypto Court and test drive your power deck. Each game takes about 15-30 minutes. We’ll have two tables going at the party offering various stakes - from $10 to $100 per game - so bring some extra cash to play with! Playing a few matches during the singles period will help you decide what changes and upgrades to make to your Power Deck before The Tournament of Champions begins at 7:00 p.m.

The Tournament of Champions is a 16-person bracket-style tournament. The entry fee is $25. All of the Tournament Entries go 100% toward the prize pool. The coronation of the 1st Crypto Court Tournament Champion will happen after the tournament – around 9:00 pm.

The cover of $25 (which includes your choice of a deck), additional Power Deck purchases, and any tips or donations all go toward the launch of the game. Thanks for your help in making our goal of launching Crypto Court that much closer to a reality!

This is a closed party with a set guest list. If you haven’t sent an RSVP or if you want to bring other players with you and we haven’t talked yet, please give me quick call, text, or email me this week before Thursday and let me know how many spots you need.


We’re located at 5576 West Rochelle Avenue, #24C, Las Vegas, 89103. We’re in the Casa Mesa condos on the second floor.

Please park in any un-numbered spot in the parking lot, or along Rochelle Avenue. I’m excited to give all of you the first chance to play Crypto Court, and I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun playing the game as I did creating it!

Stay funky and keep on gaming!

Dave Thompson

CEO of Changing Vegas Studios and Creator of Crypto Court Poker

Cell: 515-321-3106